GST Reconciliation

GST reconciliation between your purchases and your suppliers sales returns (GSTR 2A) will be done accurately using iSteer GST.

iSteer GST enables easy uploading of all your purchase data from your CRM or your tally software and iSteer GST pulls your GSTR 2A from Government of India’s Goods and services tax network (GSTN) at the click of a button.

When you click on the Reconcile button, iSteerGST matches your purchase with GSTR 2A and all mismatches are highlighted. Missing GSTR 2A data and missing purchase register data are also be highlighted. These enable you to take required action (notifying your suppliers or rectifying your purchase data) thereby maximizing your Input tax credit.

GST Returns Filing

iSteer GST enables easy uploading of all your sales data from your CRM or your tally software or iSteer GST can also pull your sales data from GSTN. You can file GST returns for all types of Sales and receipts including B2B, B2CL, B2CS, CDNR, Exports, HSN etc.

You can then preview GSTR1 and file your GSTR 1 from iSteer GST directly. The preview will also include the summary level details of GSTR1. After previewing GSTR1, you can save GSTR1 directly to GSTN from iSteer GST and can also submit the GSTR1 to GSTN.

GSTR3B filing form will be pre-populated since we have upload both the purchase and the sales data. GSTR3B can now be previewed, edited and saved to GSTN directly from iSteer GST.

Similarity you can populate your Annual return (GSTR9) and also save it to GSTN directly.

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Input Tax Credit Report

iSteer GST pulls GSTR 3B and GSTR 2A data from GSTN and generates a complete report of ITC. iSteer GST compares the input tax credit available in GSTR 2A and the credit claimed in GSTR 3B and reports mismatches, if any.

The ITC data for all the monthly GST return filings since July 2017 till date is drawn and mismatches for each month is calculated. Mismatches are in negative when you haven’t claimed ITC to the extent available in GSTR 2A. Mismatches from the months where ITC claims were done in excess or the positive mismatches are highlighted in Red.

The total of all the months data from GSTR 3B and GSTR 2A are calculated and the cumulative mismatch since July 2017 is shown in the Total column. And this cumulative mismatch indicates the total ITC claimed in excess or the total ITC which was eligible for claim but not claimed.

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Other Capabilities

Chartered Accountants, Tax Practitioners and businesses with multiple GSTINs need all data to be handled in one place. iSteer GST offers the capability to handle multiple GSTINs in a single login.

User Rights can be setup with Read-Only or Edit privileges.

GST Return Filing Trends of all your suppliers can be tracked from iSteer GST and necessary decisions regarding the suppliers can be done.

You can also pull all the ledger data from GSTN and have it saved in the system.